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When mobile technology doesn’t work

It just cheeses me off when tech doesn’t work. We are now so reliant on it we take it for granted.  It’s the 21st century and we should be able to take for granted, it’s been around long enough. Take smartphones for example. I use mine for a lot of personal and work stuff. I bet you do too.

Dependent on an App?

When it stops working (spilled water on it, dropped it, broke the screen…..) then my day can come to a grinding halt pretty quickly.

That goes double if I am dependent on an App to do my job – then I’m really screwed.

It’s just so annoying when the tech isn’t up to the job.

Ugly cases for your phone – there must be a better way.

It’s not like a phone has never been dropped – we all know there is a problem with the fragility of the things.

Yes, yes, there are some pretty ugly cases out there, especially if I want to use a Windows or Android Operating System.

But what I want is technology to just work, and allow me to keep working, without me having to make a ‘special allowance’ for the tech I am using.

I just don’t get why manufacturers aren’t listening to their customers problems and solving them.

Except I do.

Apple, Samsung and the rest of them keep reinventing their product line and making the device you’re holding soooo last season, because they want you to keep spending money with them.

They’re in business. That’s their job.

I’ve had enough of fragile…

Fair enough and if I want to upgrade my phone, maybe having a fresh one every 18 months would be a good thing.

Can it just not be so sodding fragile in between times?

I’ve got work to do.

Cracked screen and a drop of water – we can do better

Cracked screens and devices that can’t take being dropped occasionally or submerged in water for more than a nanosecond just don’t do it for me.

We just want our tech to do its job and not make things harder, by failing to man up when things get a little rugged.

Is that so much to ask?

It’s the 21st Century

It’s the 21st century and I don’t yet have a hover board or jet pack, let alone personal teleportation device. I’ve got over it….my comic book days are behind me.

Surely I can have a smartphone or tablet come to work with me and not fail at the slightest bump.

Going down like a premiership footballer with a fractured eyelash?

Oh come on!


So that’s my rant. What’s yours?