Top 3 Inventory Apps

Inventory apps have become an essential application to business owners.  These tools are especially crucial in the delivery, warehouse, and logistics field. It brings a lot of benefits to the overall system that runs in the company. The use of these apps makes it easier to track inventories especially if paired with a rugged phone or tablet.

Additionally, rugged devices play an important role in the warehouse and delivery sector. From delivery routes to warehouse settings, accidental drops can be a common issue. Therefore, investing in a reliable rugged device can improve business efficiency and smooth processes.

Top 3 Inventory Apps To Consider

Why Are Inventory Apps Helpful?

Using a good inventory application can be a critical tool that can drive successful business outcomes. According to the developers of AdvancePro, they have developed their app to help companies grow. These apps help keep track of inventories from the loading dock to the time that the items go out of the front doors. Furthermore, it helps accurately update the inventory. Without the use of these reliable inventory applications, business owners can suffer losses due to waste or theft.

The use of rugged devices paired with a reliable inventory app can be a crucial step to achieve digital transformation in a warehouse operations. Furthermore, businesses with the right inventory app can avoid problems that come with mediocre inventory management.

Best Inventory Apps in The Market

Here are a few of the reliable inventory applications that are commonly used in the delivery, warehouse and logistics business:

The myStock Inventory Manager

This app has helped a lot of business leaders in managing and recording their stock movements from their rugged mobile devices. Users of this app let them register their inventories from multiple locations using a single device. Moreover, it allows them send data updates of their inventory between data servers and mobile devices.

The Rapid Inventory Manager

This app can create, control and manage the list of all your items that are in stock. Also, it can store the serial numbers of your items and other important data. The app also has simple built-in support for data export and import with the use of XML Files, Google Docs and CSV Files for smooth integration and use.

TopShelf Mobile Inventory from Scout Inc.

The developers of this app have thought of providing its users with a cloud-based inventory management system. The system can seamlessly integrate with other essential business systems such as E-Commerce, CRM, Logistics and Accounting systems. Their management tools come with a fully customized forecasting feature and reporting features such as cycle counts, asset summaries and lot recall.

The TopShelf Mobile Inventory makes it easy for business leaders to access and manage the aspects of their supply chain.

All of the above-mentioned inventory management apps do not require to be used on a rugged device. Nevertheless, there are a lot of benefits when pairing them with one. With the harsh environments in the delivery, logistics and warehouse business, workers are taking risks with using a regular smartphone to their worksite.

But with rugged devices, harsh environments such as temperature changes in the workplace, drops, dust, and rain are no longer one of the risks.

Inventory apps for warehouse

Why Use Rugged Devices In Your Operations

Mobile computing systems are an integral part of any warehouse and logistics operation. Therefore, rugged devices can create major changes for your company. Unfortunately, hundreds of warehouse and logistics operations still rely on regular commercial or consumer technology. As a result, digital transformation is limited.


Whether your company is using legacy software or have applied more advance inventory, rugged devices are the best choice. Rugged devices from Conker use the latest in Windows or Android technology. This means you have the ability to choose which one will work best for your operation.


Rugged devices are built to withstand moisture, dust, water, shock, and drops. As a result, these are the perfect devices for a warehouse operation. In fact, it is a better option compared to a consumer device which can easily fail in this demanding environment. The durability aspect of rugged devices means you can expect fewer failures and less downtime during operations.


Adapting digital transformation through rugged devices means you improve your operational security. There will be fewer chances of a data breach as devices running under Android and Windows are easier to secure.

Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is another reason why companies should consider using rugged devices. Unlike regular mobile devices which have a shorter lifecycle, rugged devices require less maintenance, has better durability, and have fewer failures. If you are looking to control your operational budget, using rugged devices will save you thousands in the long run.

Find the best Rugged Solutions for your business at Conker. We offer some of the most reliable and best-performing rugged devices in the market today.