2 New Rugged Phablets Running Windows and Android

January 2017 sees the launch of two new Rugged Phablets, 6″ handheld portrait devices. In a rapidly evolving mobile market there is space for a device in almost every size to suit every taste so we are very excited to launch devices in the 6″ size for the first time.

Rugged Android Phablet

First up is the new CONKER SX6 Rugged Android Phablet, an exciting development for customers exploring the larger phablet device format. The handheld market has been keen to work with larger screens to accommodate more information and to make the user interface while remaining restricted by the requirement to keep devices “one-hand-held”. Our popular SX5 helped to fill this remit so we expect the SX6 to be equally as popular as it’s possibly as large as you can go while keeping “handheld”. The SX6 is equipped for mobile data capture with two options for barcode modules. For customers requiring only 1D barcode reading we offer the Honeywell N4300 series, a Laser scanner providing fast scanning speed and high accuracy scanning poor quality codes quickly and easily. For 1D/2D barcode acquisition there is the Honeywell N3680 capable of reading all barcode symbologies as well as reading from smartphone screens making it perfect for reading mobile coupons, tickets and paperless boarding passes.

Rugged Windows Phablet

Second up is the new CONKER NS6 Rugged Windows Phablet. This is our smallest and lightest Windows device ever offering a portrait phablet format that is truly one-hand-held and pocketable. Offering all of the functions of a full x86 Windows 10 tablet this device truly lifts boundaries, allowing you to run both modern and legacy Windows applications on a truly handheld PC. For customers requiring only 1D barcode reading we offer the Symbol SE655E, a Class 1 Laser scanner providing fast scanning speed plus the ability to read poorly printed, low contrast and damaged 1D barcodes. For 1D/2D barcode acquisition there is the same Honeywell N3680 module found on the SX6 above.

The footprint of both devices is just 195 x 93 x 20mm and they weigh in at 380g. A dual-bay charging dock is available for busy environments so that you can dock and charge without fussing with cables.


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