In 2021, rugged devices and technology, in general, has seen tremendous growth. More and more people have begun to truly settle in staying within their homes and connecting online. In this article, we take a look at some of the Rugged Devices Trends that you can watch out for in 2022. As a result, demand for technology, connectivity, and reliable devices is at an all-time high.

Understanding the trends will help you get ahead of business decisions, especially if you are looking forward to also growing in the coming year.

Internet Of Things And Rugged Devices Trends in 2022

According to a report by, “IoT plays a huge role in the ongoing digitization and datafication of society in numerous ways.” IoT will be important in various sectors like healthcare and manufacturing. Furthermore, it will also play a role in security and create resilient organisations. What is crucial is to find the right IoT solutions that will help companies predict and react to different disruptions, especially as the world continues to battle the pandemic.

What is IoT?

IoT is a collection of smart objects that collect and transmit data via the internet.  This can be a variety of devices from mobile phones, computers, wearables, and more. With multiple applications and devices, all coming together in the IoT space, every industry you can think of will virtually stand to gain by implementing applications and devices.

Rugged Devices and IoT Are Essential in the Modern Enterprise

IoT and rugged devices play an important role in any type of modern business. In 2022, businesses who are looking to improve unified endpoint management will find that using rugged devices can increase productivity and security. Rugged Devices within an IoT space means, your workers can stay connected and access data even when they are in a demanding environment.

rugged devices in 2022

Improve Mobility with Rugged Devices

Rugged Devices and enterprise mobility go hand-in-hand and this will continue in 2022. Mobility and rugged devices have proven over the years that they are a great combination. For industries that require to be mobile and connected, using rugged devices will be extremely beneficial.

According to a report by Bloomberg, “2021 was THE year of Supply Chains and that the world needs to continue getting prepared for more challenges within this industry.” This is not surprising as more and more people are now getting used to getting all of their needs online. E-commerce is also seen to continue its massive growth as more and more consumers are now becoming comfortable buying online.

Unfortunately, mobility continues to be a huge challenge for these industries. For example, many companies reportedly have difficulties improving last-mile delivery. Rugged devices can ultimately help by allowing workers to stay connected anytime and anywhere.

Rugged Devices for Digital Transformation

In 2022, organisations will continue to aim to achieve complete digital transformation for their operations. Whether in manufacturing, delivery, transportation, retail, healthcare, education or tourism. Rugged devices play a crucial role in achieving digital transformation.

Rugged smart technology innovatively enables companies to increase productivity and engage with customers. As more enterprises change the way they work to meet the needs of modern customers, using rugged devices can help provide superior customer experiences.

To continue achieving growth in 2022, implementing rugged technology should be an important consideration. Check out Conker’s rugged devices and see how they can improve your workforce.