The COVID-19 pandemic has forced hundreds of countries around the world to change the way how goods and services are delivered. Frontline workers are at the heart of these changes in the operations. They are involved in making sure smooth operations are achieved amidst challenges in the “new normal”. Any industry requires frontline workers to make their daily operations work. These essential employees are vulnerable to the same mobility deployment issues as any other employee. As a result, it is crucial to find the right rugged devices for frontline workers.

As these workers are performing critical tasks on the ground, they must have unimpeded and secure access to relevant information and data. Therefore, the demand for a reliable mobile device is an ever-present issue for many industries. Furthermore, operating a remote workforce and mobile-first culture has become an important practice. Sectors that require employees to work in remote locations such as manufacturing, supply chain, service, oil & gas, healthcare, hospitality, and more will constantly need reliable mobility solutions. Using rugged devices helps workers access important information and data for efficiency, accuracy, and productivity through rugged mobile devices.

Common mobility issues for frontline workers

Below, you’ll find some of the most common problems that frontline workers experience. For industries, it is important to become familiar with these issues allowing for easier solutions and smarter decision-making.

Wear and Tear

Most businesses tend to focus on the software and functionality of the device. As a result, organizations disregard hardware resiliency. However, this is not a good practice as industries that operate in harsh environments will soon see intense wear and tear to their devices. Sometimes, industries will only notice these hardware issues when it is too late.

Companies that anticipate using their devices in demanding environments should choose rugged devices. Nevertheless, rugged devices will still show signs of wear and tear eventually. However, this issue will take 4 – 5 times longer than a normal consumer device.

Conker NS6 is a rugged device that comes with an IP65 rating. It is built to be the smallest full Windows 10 device allowing workers to enjoy a full computer right on the palm of their hands. With an IP65 rugged rating, this device is extremely protected making it resilient versus dust and water.

Rugged devices for frontline workers

App and Patch Management

Frontline workers require consistent app management. Without it, workers may easily experience disrupted workflow and low productivity. In addition, certain apps provide lone workers support and protection. Using these apps, lone workers who find themselves in danger can find help.

App and patch management means consistent updates so that all rugged devices for frontline workers have the same apps, versions, and firmware installed. Mobile devices used for operations should never have outdated apps because they become vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.

Conker NS6 is a full Windows 10 handheld that offers reliability and flexibility. It runs on a full Windows 10 operating system making it the smallest full Windows rugged device in the market today. Companies worried about legacy Microsoft operating systems will no longer need to worry about running the device.

Issues with Legacy Operating Systems

In a previous blog, we have shared how legacy operating systems can become problematic for your operations. Presently, there is a long list of rugged devices that still use legacy operating systems like Windows CE. Rugged devices for frontline workers should use only the latest operating systems to avoid issues.

If the legacy operating system is a problem in your business, make sure to read our blog about your upgrade options. We have put together an extensive explanation on how you can prepare your team for an upgrade for when Windows CE will no longer be supported.

Consideration With Workers

According to a recent study published by Incisive, 82% of employees under the age of 34 says technology is an important factor when applying for a job. In addition, almost 80% of frontline workers in the retail industry are from Generations X, Y, and Z. As a result, these workers have high expectations when it comes to the kind of devices they use for day-to-day operations.

Benefits of rugged devices for frontline workers

Frontline employees are facing monotonous and unexciting tasks every day. Nevertheless, their roles are crucial in most business operations. Any difficulties with completing their tasks may have a direct impact on customer experience and business profit. Since many frontline workers are facing harsh environmental conditions, it is ideal to use rugged devices for their daily operations. Rugged devices for frontline workers enable them to perform aptly even under tough work circumstances. Furthermore, it allows them to stay connected with the team for easy exchange of company information and data.

Rugged Devices for Frontline Workers Allows Tailored Access

Depending on the industry, employees will find rugged devices to be very helpful in improving work efficiency. Powerful devices with either a Windows or Android operating system are easily programmable to allow remote monitoring or update.

Security of Confidential Information

Frontline workers who keep confidential information such as customer data should be able to secure their rugged devices easily. Compromised sensitive information can cause huge problems for the company. Therefore, regardless of your device is lost or misplaced, rugged devices will secure your company’s data easily.

Easy Troubleshooting of Rugged Devices for Frontline Workers

Rugged devices that come with a Windows or Android OS ensure that your employees will not have difficulties in using them. Android and Windows are the two most common operating systems in the world. Familiarity with the operating system ensures easy troubleshooting should problems arise.


Simply deploying consumer mobile devices for your frontline workers will not automatically fix every problem. Rugged devices for frontline workers offer a range of benefits and solutions to common problems that frontline workers may face. Furthermore, rugged devices also allow efficiency, durability, and flexibility for your workers. To know more about Conker’s range of rugged devices check out our product pages here.