Today, more than ever, mobility is no longer just a shiny new fad. In fact, mobility is a crucial part of any organisation whether it is healthcare or oil and gas. In the heart of implementing mobility in business are rugged devices. Rugged devices for field workers are essential tools in ensuring your field workers can access knowledge anytime and anywhere.

For example, in the utility industry, if your employee is working on a complicated line break, accessing manuals may help them close the job faster. Traditionally, your worker may rely on finding the correct solution using bulky paper manuals. However, using a rugged device will help improve the job.

Explaining Rugged Devices For Field Workers Can Help

In our previous blogs, we have explained all about rugged devices. These powerful tools provide organisations with the functionality of a regular mobile phone or tablet but with added features – such as ruggedness. Thanks to its wide range of features, rugged devices have become slowly but surely an important part of many business operations.
In addition, most rugged devices come with unique functionality that is not typically available in a regular mobile phone or tablet. For example, the rugged Android smartphone Conker SX50 comes with an IP67 rating. This device offers a unique productivity-boosting angled barcode reader. Allowing your workers to easily collect data, just as fast as they can scan for a solution to any type of issue.

Your field worker may also need to sign off forms and work orders or draw up a new draft or invoice for the job. A rugged device means they do not have to waste time going back and forth to your offices. The entire job can be completed in the field right at the tip of their fingertips. With rugged devices for field workers, your team have access to unlimited information. It removes the delays and errors that may be present in a typical manual process.

How Rugged Devices for Field Workers Can Streamline Work


Rugged Devices for Field Workers

Field workers serve as an extension of their parent company. In some industries, they play the crucial role of delivering the business to end-users or customers. Therefore, they regularly need access to the right data at any time they need.

In fact, in some industries like delivery and courier, utility and public safety, effective resolution of field related issues will depend on how well your office is connected to your field workers. Effective and fast resolution of field service calls also ensures customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, without mobility field service workers cannot access information easily.

Reduce the Need for Traditional Communications

Rugged devices for field workers change the service landscape by reducing the need for traditional operations. Field employees do not need to continuously contact the office for job information, no need to carry bulky laptops – all of these needs are covered by rugged devices.

Reduce the Chances of Disconnections

Rugged devices such as the Conker ST60 comes with multiple connectivity options including GSM (Sim Cards), LTE, 4G, and 3G. As a result, your team will be able to connect with each other seamlessly and improve service delivery.

Access To Real-Time Information

Rugged devices allow your field workers can log in to any software or application so that their jobs become easier. For example, they can access your software to request replacement parts or schedule future service calls. Accessing real-time information means your employees get and apply only the latest information for any type of service. As many services and products are ever-changing, having real-time updates will help reduce errors and discrepancies.

According to a study by Gartner, by 2025, 50 per cent of field workers deployed will use mobile and AR collaboration, as well as, knowledge-sharing tools. Moving to versatile and robust rugged devices for field workers will help any business grow. For more information on rugged devices, make sure to check Conker’s wide array of rugged products.