3 Ways Tablets Can Reduce IT Headaches

Company-issued tablets are the modern equivalent of the clipboard with ubiquitous use across virtually all sectors. Anywhere that staff is on the move there is likely to be a use for them being connected to corporate systems either to receive or capture data and most often both. But whereas the clipboard was a low-cost item and the worst that could happen was losing your pen, giving a tablet to a member of staff can result in a cascade of potential headaches for the corporate IT department and therefore costs to the company as a whole. Here are 3 ways that tablets, or more specifically careful choice of tablet supplier, can reduce IT headaches.

Staging and Deployment

Computers require setting up and configuring. It’s perfectly normal but ultimately dull and low-value work, especially the more devices you have to work on. Maybe this isn’t going to cause much of a headache and maybe you relish this easy task, just say you’re running some important updates, put your feet on the desk and watch the clock spin for hours. Better still why not get your tablet supplier to do all this for you. Setup 1 device exactly how you want it and then have that cloned. Each time you order devices, whether it’s 1 or 1000, the tablets can come through the door ready to deploy.

Or go one step further and skip the IT department altogether and deploy directly to your end-users. Mobile workers are distributed by definition. Have your tablet supplier send the tablets direct to where they are required. Now just think of the time and cost savings!

Choose Rugged

Be practical, stuff breaks, and unlike desktop computers, if people are carrying it around one-handed, it’s just a case of when. In fact, independent market research shows that mobile devices cost the most not when they are purchased, but when they fail. Just think of all those broken iPhone screens you’ve seen. Translate that to business devices that the user doesn’t own and treasure plus the increased use a business device is likely to endure and you have a recipe for breakages and downtime. What does a lost day cost?

The obvious business choice is rugged mobile devices. Rugged smartphones and tablet computers are typically protected against drops of at least 1.2 meters and against ingress from dust and liquids as well as temperature extremes. This rugged protection significantly reduces breakages and results a downtown meaning a lower total cost of ownership. Remember that consumer devices are designed for short product cycles and frequent upgrades. Rugged is a commitment to the business norm of 3 to 5 years of solid use.

Get Great Support

Accidents still happen and it’s worth being pragmatic about it and planning ahead by ensuring you have the best support in place. You can’t always pop down to the market to get a smashed screen repaired. Choose a tablet supplier that will repair devices both in and out of warranty. Warranty repairs are a legal obligation but don’t be satisfied with the bare minimum. Find out what happens outside of the warranty,

Either when the warranty period has expired or when a problem is classed as a non-warranty matter. If you check this out in advance and ensure you can get great support irrespective of the situation you will be saving yourself a headache further down the line. The focus should always be on keeping your investment working for as long as possible.