Streamlining PoS Systems with Rugged Tablets

In today’s competitive, fast-paced environment, businesses must be as agile, quick and as flexible as possible. This enables them to keep up with customer expectations and the demands of hurried, harried employees. Using rugged tablets as a point of sale solution helps owners/managers keep up with the speed of business.

In what ways can businesses use their tablets to enhance operations and customer experiences?

  • To show customers merchandise. Rather than hiking throughout a store, scouring through inventory or searching for the manager, employees can easily check on the status of merchandise via their tablet. This also allows them to show customers images, specs, and other pertinent information that they need to make a sale.
  • Monitor inventory. Managing inventory efficiently is one of the keys to mitigating waste and ensuring a steady supply of necessary items. Tablet PoS systems can send automatic alerts and allow on-the-spot searches.
  • Complete transactions. Nothing makes customers less happy and more impatient than a wait in a long line. When employees are equipped with tablets, they can serve customers from virtually anywhere. With card readers and payment capability, they can check people out quickly and conveniently. We refer to this as queue busting!
  • Loyalty schemes. If your customers are on a loyalty program you can “check them in” or sign them up from a tablet computer. Even if you have physical cards issued such as RFID cards or magnetic stripe cards these can be read by tablet hardware and assist in your giving customers the personal touch.
  • Track sales. If owners/managers need to track sales by employees for compensation or contests, they can easily do so with tablet POS systems.
  • Data analysis. These systems can also track a host of useful information regarding sales, transactions, customer interactions, marketing efforts, communications and more. This can be used to guide presentations, purchasing decisions, advertising campaigns and other back-end processes.
  • Restaurant orders right from the table. Hungry patrons can send their orders directly to the kitchen and pay for their meals from the comfort of their table. Many POS systems include a tip generator as well for maximum convenience.
  • Back end stock taking. Today’s reatail environment demands electronic back-end processes for stock control. A powerful aid in these activities is a rugged tablet with integrated barcode scanner such as a rugged android PDA or rugged windows tablet depending on the platform of your EPoS software.

Rugged tablets have the strength and durability necessary to keep up with the demands of businesses. As a PoS tool, they streamline major processes and help owners realise major efficiencies.