Modern Technology Too Fragile enables us to achieve great things and has added substantial value and convenience to our day-to-day lives. However, many people complain that some devices and accessories can break too easily even when they have been handled with the utmost care. Even a slight drop can lead to the screen becoming cracked or a device starting to act strangely. This explains why manufacturers are under so much pressure to make their devices tougher, more hardwearing, and more durable.

Modern Technology Too Fragile tech and business

The problem continues to cause headaches not just for regular customers but businesses too. Businesses spend a great deal of money on technology even when they don’t have faith in its durability, merely because they wrongly think there is no other option available to them. One of the reasons devices can be damaged so easily is because they are made from tiny intricate parts that all depend on each other to provide the efficiency that we desire.

With all products on the market in competition with one another to produce the most compact and advanced technology, businesses tend to have little option but to invest in the next-best thing.

Why are devices so fragile?

Manufacturers were forced to make devices smaller and smaller to meet our demand for portability and mobility. The computers of today are much smaller and thinner than those of the past, and contemporary mobile phones are much more modest in size than the large bricks that first entered the market in the 1980s and 1990s. The smaller devices become, the more the parts inside them reduce in size. Smaller parts are not as resilient as their larger counterparts, but when components become bigger, the whole device would need to grow in size too.

Device users can invest in items such as screen protectors and phone cases to reduce or prevent damage if accidents do occur. Many people feel that attributes such as sustainability and toughness have been left behind in favor of other factors.

The Best Technology, at What Cost?

A recent survey found that here in the UK, we spend £680 million a year on fixing mobile phone screens. That spend doesn’t include any other technical or physical malfunctions. In the bid to have the largest, most high-resolution screens – manufacturers have to sacrifice the rigidity we were used to seeing in earlier mobile phone manufacturers. Long gone are the days of the Nokia 3310, which could bounce off walls if you needed it to.

This same study also revealed that over a third of those taking the survey were carrying a broken or damaged mobile phone or equipment and over half admitted to irreversibly damaging their phone or tablet in the last three years.

Bespoke solutions

We aim to address many of the problems faced by clients who frequently experience problems with fragile technology. Previously, our customers have experienced downtime due to fragile tablets and phones that break. This subsequently would affect staff morale in a negative way, reduce productivity and waste valuable IT budget (having to continuously replace broken tech). This is why so many businesses convert to Conker’s Business Rugged;

Ingress Protected mobile devices that are manufactured with durability in mind.  At Conker, we can provide you with bespoke devices tailored directly to your specific needs, have on-hand support whenever you need it (9-5, 5 days a week), and offer industry-leading turnaround times. To find out more, contact Conker today.

Unsure of the real cost of bringing rugged devices into your business?