In a report published by Nasdaq, “By 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online”. That is to say, as eCommerce is expanding in every direction, the demand for faster responses, fewer errors, and better customer experience. At the heart of ensuring products are delivered at the right time is a warehouse operating around the clock. As a result, digitising warehouse operations is a crucial step in ensuring growth. 

Warehouses that are planning to scale should consider using efficient, intelligent tools. For instance, using rugged handheld devices helps in achieving future-proof operations. Unfortunately, tons of warehouses still currently operate with outdated processes. In fact, some are operating without the right processes at all. Oftentimes, this results in costing warehouse operations time and money. 

Modernising your warehouse is more than just updating your automation systems. Importantly, updating your physical equipment such as your barcode reader and communication tools should be part of the improvement. 

Benefits of Digitising Warehouse Operations – The Smart Warehouse

Investing in smart warehouses can reap many great benefits. For example, automated warehouses allow owners to keep better track of their stock and access real-time stats at all times. The transparency of smart warehouses is not the only advantage they bring, but they can also help with the planning of supply, generating sales, and many others.

Smart warehousing can increase the supply chain’s efficiency and transparency. Having a smart warehouse also enhances the overall efficiency, accuracy, and even time management. Everything’s easier with digital warehousing because the inventory database can be automatically synced with the warehouse’s financial data.

In addition, having a digitized warehouse makes it easier to access data and increases overall mobility because one does not have to be physically present to make important decisions. For example, workers can initiate deliveries instantly without having to go through hoops.

Furthermore, workflow optimization is even better in an automated warehouse. Having a well-managed space in a warehouse also improves the transparency even further. The perks of having such a warehouse also includes the ability to report the optimal management of items and assets.

digitising warehouse operations with rugged devices

Accelerate processes

The demand for quick and error-free time-to-value is high and continues to increase. Adopting an automated system allows for fast processes and improved accuracy to take place. As a result, a smart warehouse operation means enabling workers to perform routine procedures significantly faster.

Reduces human error

A smart warehouse operation means reduced mistakes. Even a streamlined operation can still be challenged, as mistakes do happen. Eliminating errors is possible with the help of warehouse automation, both from physical equipment and data analysis perspective; resulting in no individual processes being neglected or any important details being missed.

Digitising warehouse operations means better accuracy and transparency

Many advantages come with having a smart warehouse, and the best perk of all has better accuracy. For example, having a digital warehouse means worrying less about encountering shipment errors and returns.

Furthermore, many employees can struggle with documentation. A digital warehouse can eradicate this problem because managing and keeping the count of stock numbers is more effortless. Having a clear and accurate warehouse saves a lot of time, money, and effort.

Workflow is organized, and the space is well-managed

In a non-digitised warehouse, many employees can find it hard to work around items and assets inside. They’ll find it harder to look for a particular item in the inventory. Not only that but having a non-optimized warehouse also means that it’s possible for receiving and dispatching orders can take a long time to finish. This problem can easily be fixed by upgrading to a smart warehouse, which helps immensely manage the space better and increase productivity.

 Efficiency and productivity is greatly increased

Human errors happen. Employees can struggle a lot in keeping up with the current processes. In a worst-case scenario, workers are exposed to safety hazards and possible injuries. Having a digital warehouse can help in managing and planning routines and optimize the workload.

Options For Future-Proofing Warehouse Operations

Today, hundreds of organizations are enjoying the benefits of digitising and automation using technology, AI, IoT and cloud-based services.

Real-time data collection

Using technology such as rugged devices can help in improving data collection. With products that support barcode readers, it is easier to track products, equipment, machinery, and assets.Data collected can be processed and assessed in real-time too. As a result, businesses can expect better transparency and fewer errors.


Connectivity is crucial in any warehouse operation. Digitisation means interconnected operations from every part of the process. . Each device and element can easily communicate and quickly make necessary adjustments. As a result, teams become more efficient and customers become happier. 

Improved Human to Machine Interactions

Digitised warehouses help improve interactions between humans and devices. Technology is helpful in making parts of operations automated and easier for workers.Having rugged hardware ensures that these interactions are completed with ease.

rugged technology in warehouse

Top Technology Warehouses Should Invest In

Warehouse Management System

A Warehouse Management System comprehensively combine all of your important data into one easily accessible platform. In other words, WMS is important because it enables your members to see a complete view of your operations. As a result, it allows quick reporting, real-time statistics, and improved planning capabilities.

The use of warehouse management systems in digitising warehouse operations will be able to complement various processes. Some of the benefits are:

  • Real-time access to data allowing increased visibility throughout warehouse operations
  • Efficient labour allocation allowing reduced labour expenses
  • Accurate and timely demand forecasting
  • Improved warehouse responsiveness
  • Optimised warehouse layout
  • Improved accuracy of data collection for inventory
  • Improved pick accuracy
  • Streamlined warehouse processes
  • Decreased time between picks
  • Improved warehouse safety and security
  • Improved customer service levels
  • Allows for easy implementation of an optimisation strategy
  • Improved supplier relationships

Reliable hardware mobile devices

Mobile devices are crucial in any warehouse operation. It allows mobility in the huge operations floor and continuous communications. Nowadays, warehouses no longer need to worry about using fragile mobile devices. Rugged handhelds such as Conker NS6 act as a central device that allows barcode scanning, radio-frequency identification (RFID), communication, data collection, image collection and more. RFID and barcode scanners allow WMS software to keep an accurate picklist of the materials.

IoT Implementation

The Internet of Things helps your warehouse operations reduce risk. In addition, it is crucial in helping you avoid accidents or mistakes which can cause losses in the supply chain. Moreover, IoT is an overarching concept (not an individual item) that understand how you control each part of your warehouse that is moving. For example, sensors around the warehouse can help monitor moisture, temperature and other conditions. To reduce losses businesses utilises data and information coming from vehicles, ships, and even the products themselves as part of IoT. 

IoT is crucial in synchronising all of your data and allows you to access everything in your network quickly.

Unlock the benefits of digitisation with Conker NS6

Improving your warehouse operations through digitisation is an important move in preparing for what the future holds. If technological improvement is something that you are considering for your website, make sure to check out our product pages.