Conker phone survives real-life freeze test

You know that manufacturer tests are in controlled conditions.

You also know that you do not work in a lab and you do want to know that your rugged phone can work wherever you do.

Last week it snowed. A lot.

So, we offered our best-selling rugged smartphone to “Snowie”, to test for us..

Here’s what Snowie thought of it.

Snowie: “First of all, its smartphone credentials are pretty good. 13 megapixel autofocus camera to the rear with a handy 5 megapixel one to the front. That makes me happy, because pictures of my existence are important, I’m only going to be here for a few days”.

Snowie went all nerdy for a bit and talked about the powerful quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage and 4G and 3G and Wifi and Bluetooth and and and…then the conversation returned to the cool stuff.

Snowie “I’ve been watching frozen on repeat for hours – the battery on this thing is amazing. I only stopped watching when the sun went down and I had to go to sleep. The phone was still going”. It’s true, the battery can put in a full shift at work before charging.

Robin: “He’s been watching Frozen over and over – it’s driving me mad. 

Hey – is that a mag charger on the side, for in-car charging”?

Conker: As it happens, yes Robin, you can charge our best-selling smartphone via the normal charging point or the sealed mag charger on the active vehicle mount

Robin: “Sweet”.

Snowie: “With Android running on it, I was able to download my favourite weather app from the play store and run some pretty punchy meteorological calculations. Apparently I’m outta here at the weekend”.

When Snowie left, the phone would have dropped to the ground. No problem with its Gorilla Glass front and drop-tested on to concrete ruggedness. With an operating temperature of between -20°C and +60°C degrees, even last weeks weather couldn’t stop the Conker phone.

Our CEO and I left Snowie to it, phone intact. Even if Snowie took it with him, the three year parts and labour warranty would have given him the peace of mind he wanted.

That’s a real-life test for you!


*Snowie is not a real person, neither Snowie or Robin can speak and this is a parody of what Snowie and Robin might have thought, based on factual performance stats of our best-selling rugged smartphone. (Lawyers can be real killjoys sometimes…)