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Can Rugged Android Tablets Save Your Business Money In the Long Run?

Today, you will find a range of options when it comes to rugged Android Tablets. In addition to rugged Android tablets, interest in rugged smartphones is also on the rise. As the demand for these robust devices grew, you will also find that the market comes with a diverse range of prices for every device. Unlike regular off-the-shelf mobile phones, rugged devices are usually more expensive upon initial purchase. However, in the long run, most rugged devices promise to last longer and require minimal maintenance. Therefore, businesses that aim to save as much as possible should consider the long-term benefit of using rugged Android Tablets. 

Are Rugged Android Tablets For Your Business?

For businesses, choosing the right rugged tablet centres around the type of applications that needs to run on the device. As such, industries like retail, logistics and courier, transportation, manufacturing and warehousing all uses specialized handheld computers made to fulfil a single purpose. Most of the time, these computers are expensive, restrictive, and bulky. It limits the options that a business can do when it comes to utilising its processing power.

In addition, these older rugged computers run on a single software. As a result, businesses are unable to use the devices for any other purpose. The availability of rugged Android devices changed this entire problem. Now, businesses can enjoy a powerful operating system that can handle multiple apps and is less bulky. Android offers a vast application ecosystem including advanced productivity features that will reduce the need to create expensive and restrictive single-purpose devices.

Compared to legacy handhelds, rugged Android tablets can support different applications in a single device. For example, Conker SX82 can easily be used to collect data for processing through its barcode reader and can even process the information within the device itself.

In fact, in a recent forecast by market experts, between 2019 and 2027, the market for rugged handheld electronic devices will have a compound yearly growth rate of about 7.2 per cent. Businesses are now understanding the benefits of using Rugged Tablets for Business use.

Understanding The Cost of Device Failure

Can Rugged Android Tablets Save Your Business Money In the Long Run? conker-sx82-1-300x225

In one of Conker’s blogs, you can check out the real cost of having a device failure. Each time a mobile device fails in the workplace, the resulting downtime always have a significant impact. Issues like loss of productivity, money, and bad customer experience usually comes with device failure.

Any smartphone can break especially if they are used daily inactive, harsh, and demanding work environments. Research shares that smartphone owners in American spends approximately $3.4 billion on replacing broken screens.

Unfortunately, when a field utility worker drops their mobile device while performing important maintenance, the cost of the screen replacement will be the last thing businesses have to worry about. This problem can potentially cause lost time and poor customer experience.

To understand better here is quick math to understand the cost of mobile device failure:

Consider an organisation with 5,000 workers using regular commercial mobile devices. About 5% of these devices will fail in a year, which is about 250 broken devices. Let’s consider that it takes four hours to submit a ticket, bring the device for a repair, and get a new one set up for work. This is assuming that there will be another device that can be used. If there are no spare devices, consider the time that the device needs to be fixed by the manufacturers or repair team. Businesses should also factor in the cost of the repair itself, shipping, replacement of parts, and more. At this rate, your enterprise can expect a conservative loss of about $100,000 for these device failures.

This makes rugged devices a great choice because it offers better protection inside and out.

Conker SX82 – Your Best Rugged Android Tablet

Conker SX82 is a reliable and robust rugged Android device. Powered by Android 10 it can support a vast range of applications that software that will help your business streamline operations. This 8-inch tablet comes with up to 29 hours of playback time and long-lasting battery life. Some of the features you can expect are:

  • Gorilla Glass 3 screen
  • Android 10 + GMS
  • 4GB RAM, 64GB storage
  • 13MP rear auto-focus camera
  • Massive 9,800mAh battery
  • USB-C plus full-size USB-A 3.0
  • IP67 rugged
  • 700g
  • Optional Zebra SE47410 2D barcode scanner

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