Soon, even the tiniest retail business will need the technology to streamline their operations. At the heart of this advancement, is the barcode scanning technology. The latest barcode scanning technology used in many rugged smartphones and tablets can help retailers with their inventory requirements. It is one of the most efficient ways to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Traditional scanning technology, according to experts, is not evolving fast enough to meet the changing needs of retailers. As a result, services are not provided fast enough to meet the demands. On the other hand, mobile devices are constantly changing. In fact, one of the biggest changes is the availability of rugged smartphones in the market. By combining barcode scanning technology with rugged devices retailers may be able to solve the ever-expanding inventory management pain points.

What are Rugged Devices?

In our previous blogs, we have dedicated an explanation of what rugged devices really are. To put it simply, rugged devices are more than the robust tools that you might think it is. Today’s rugged devices are advanced, versatile and extremely functional.

These are Android or Windows devices that are made to withstand harsh environments. It is created to meet key benchmarks like the IP ratings and MIL-Standard Ratings. Conker’s rugged devices are made with the latest operating systems such as Android and Windows 10. Furthermore, a built-in barcode reader allows your employees to easily scan, save, and send data.

Choosing Barcode Scanning Technology For Retail Groceries

Improve Scanning Efficiency And Reduce Costs

The retail industry typically faces difficulties in keeping up with accurate inventory management. Businesses need to ensure that perishable products or those that have a limited lifespan, must be updated with the correct information always. Any waste of products can cause retail companies huge losses. In fact, a study by the Food Marketing Institute, says that an average grocery store has only a 1.2 per cent profit margin after taxes. As a result, any unnecessary waste due to missed expiration dates can because huge losses.

Furthermore, manual inventory can be extremely time-consuming and requires extensive manpower. This means errors can be common. Any error in manual physical counting can lead to problems like excess inventory, incorrect orders and profit loss, and misdeclaration of out-of-stock items.

Having reliable and versatile scanning technologies are one method supermarkets can increase the efficiency of their physical counts. Many retailers are now scanning inventory with app-enabled mobile device cameras. Conker SX50 is an example of a robust device that retail grocers can use for their business. This rugged Android smartphone is equipped with the top operating system, as well as, a dedicated barcode scanner.

Mobile barcode scanning technology has a lot of value in an industry where even little improvements in inventory management may make a major difference in the bottom line. Allowing employees to complete physical counts more efficiently can help retailers save money. As it allows workers to focus on higher-value duties.


Rugged Android Smartphones

Improve Flexibility and Durability

Mobile rugged devices is a good choice versus the traditional barcode scanner. That is because aside from their barcode scanning capabilities, these rugged devices are also flexible and come with a powerful operating system. Smartphone inventory management solutions are also less expensive and require little training because most individuals are already familiar with them.

Why Rugged Devices Is A Better Choice?

Compared to a regular off-the-shelf consumer device, rugged devices are known to last longer and perform better even in the most demanding environment. In a retail grocery store, barcode scanners need to be consistently used. They are exposed to high traffic areas where the chances of falling or breaking can be common. Furthermore, exposure to wet products such as in the produce area can also cause water ingress. Using a rugged smartphone device with built-in scanners can help ensure downtime is reduced.

In a previous blog, you can check the effects and possible losses due to a device breakdown. These losses can even easily get out of hand for small to medium retail grocery operations. Therefore, while you may pay more initially with rugged devices, this hardware is still more beneficial than regular devices in the long run.

Android or Windows

Today, there are a wide number of choices, including a choice between some of the most reliable operating systems in the market. When it comes to the operating system, it is important for retail grocers to see which one works best with their inventory management software. Conker offers a range of rugged devices which operate either on Windows or Android. For Windows you can check out the popular and reliable Conker NS6, offering users a full Windows 10 operating system.

For rugged Android users, Conker ST60 and Conker SX50 are the best choices. To know more about these products, be sure to check out the product pages.