Businesses require to make numerous decisions daily which may have a direct impact on their operations. One of the most important decisions is the kind of communications process to adopt. Companies that rely on communications could lose money every minute wasted. Nevertheless, there are many other benefits of devices with push-to-talk function for your company operations. To improve profitability one of the best tools to use are devices with Push-to-Talk function. On its most basic function, PTT function allows real-time communications.

The failure of communications

According to a report by Seimens, a typical company spends 40% of their workweek just managing inefficiencies in communications. The same study also indicated that a business operating with at least 100 workers could be wasting up to half a million dollars as a result of these communication issues. 

How devices with push-to-talk function are helpful

Push to talk allows for instant communication between workers. This function is commonly used in wireless cellular services that use voice broadcast and reception mode. As a result, it allows users to instantly communicate with each other with the use of a single button switch. This function means your workers can easily relay important messages whenever and wherever they are. 

4 Benefits of Devices with push-to-talk function connects multiple people at once

The PTT in mobile devices is an amped version of a walkie-talkie. Additionally, it can connect a large group of users – usually up to 249 simultaneously. The ease with which this can be done is only by using a single push of a button. During busy operations, even a short phone call can become a huge time waster. However, these calls are an integral part of any business, as most companies with mobile workers will constantly need to hop on calls to delegate and check up on tasks. According to research by Bell Canada, a construction foreman can save up to 49 minutes in his workday just by using a push-to-talk function. 

Devices with Push-To-Talk Function

Manage employees across geographies

These days more and more workforces are consistently mobile. To handle communications better, devices with push-to-talk functions can improve connections. Push to Talk provide instant communication and prolonged connectivity between devices. As a result, information and instructions are relayed efficiently at all times. 

Communications clarity

A key aspect in any workforce management is the need for effective communication. The information must be readily transmitted and responses should be given immediately. Moreover, time-sensitive operations can easily lose revenue due to poor communications. Therefore, there is a constant need to use devices with reliable connections. Push-to-talk devices allow for a clear and constant connection between workers at all times. 

Cost control 

Connecting multiple workers at once helps reduce call costs. Furthermore, it reduces the expenses for long-distance usage. According to another research by Bell Canada, foremen are able to save more than $17,000 in expenses thanks to devices with push-to-talk function. That is because there are fewer mistakes and safer relay of information. 

When it comes to choosing devices to use for your operations, it is crucial to consider the functions that it offers. Rugged devices with push-to-talk functions can help improve overall operations. Conker offers some of the most advanced rugged smartphones and tablets in the market today. Check out our list of Android and Windows rugged devices