3 Benefits of Rugged Tablets:

Technology has come a long way over the past several decades. From delicate machines that filled entire rooms to the power of a smartphone that fits in your pocket, things are changing constantly. What doesn’t change, though, is the need for tougher equipment. After all, a simple ding, dent, or drop, and your device could cause real problems in your workflow. Fortunately, there is an answer – rugged tablets. Designed for those who need their tablets to work as hard as they do, rugged tablets are the ideal solution for field service applications. Not convinced it’s the perfect choice for your employees? Take a look at a few of the benefits now:

  • Lower The Total Cost of Ownership: A recent Venture Development Corporation study suggested that the total cost of ownership with a rugged tablet is nearly 59% lower than that of a non-rugged model over a five-year period. That’s a substantial level of savings you can’t afford to ignore.
  • Gain Employee Productivity: Another huge benefit of going rugged is the gain you can expect to experience in employee productivity. Devices fail routinely, and that certainly happens in the field, especially if you’re talking about non-rugged technology. With the right user training and a stronger device that’s built for the field, you can expect those failures to happen far less frequently.
  • Add Flexibility: If you’re waffling between a tablet and a laptop for employee use, you likely want to go with a rugged tablet. They’re more than a neat handheld device. They offer functionality options laptops simply don’t. For example, you can equip them with RFID scanners for onsite inventory or credit card scanners for instant customer payments.

Thinking rugged tablets? Let us help. With a complete selection to meet your needs, we can equip your entire team with processing and productivity power.