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10 Reasons to Choose Conker Rugged Android

The benefits of mobility are simply impossible to ignore as it has become so ingrained in our daily lives. Mobile use is not just limited for communication, but also an integral part of workplaces where IT and data are needed. From the warehouse floor to transportation and healthcare to education, constant access to data is a crucial part of a business structure. In this article, we take a look at the top reasons why businesses should consider Conker Rugged Android devices for their operations. 

Benefits of Conker Rugged Android Devices

Thanks to its slew of benefits. Android devices have become the number one choice for many businesses. The functionality and flexibility of devices running on Android have become very familiar that many companies have decided to use it for their own operations. As a result, most workers are now equipped with these computing tools to make operations seamless and easy.

According to Panasonic’s white paper report, “72% of businesses who require an operating system uses Android devices (not including mobile phones).” Understandably, it is easy to see why businesses prefer using Android devices, because more than mobility, it also allows flexibility in the applications that it supports. Android together with Conker’s rugged technology can help businesses take on modern problems.

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72% of businesses prefer using android over any other operating system for their mobile devices.


Conker offers a vast range of Android devices to help implement digital transformation in companies. Using reliable and durable computing tools, Conker improves work efficiency and boost productivity in any kind of workforce. As a result, Conker helps take your business further by allowing customised the functions to meet your needs.

Conker Rugged Android Functions in any Environment 

Businesses that require quick access to data in a non-office setting will benefit a lot when using an android device. In a commercial, manufacturing, service delivery, and construction, a business needs specific tools. Additionally, it is important to choose devices that will withstand different situations like extreme temperatures, drops, spills, water, dust, and dirt. Conker Rugged Android devices are made specifically to function in an array of environments. Furthermore, using android’s excellent functionality, it can support various applications to help workers provide the best solutions.

Ease of Use and Training

One excellent advantage when using a device that runs on Android is the ease of use and training. According to a report, Android enjoys a global market share of 75% (Source: Statista). Therefore, Android remains the most dominant mobile device operating system in the world. Consequently, it is understandable that its platform is the most familiar to most employees. 

Training employees who are already familiar with the basic use, download of applications, connection of an Android device will be easier. Moreover, the new generation of workers is already digitally proficient, meaning, they are already familiar with Android. By empowering your workers with the best tools for the job, and using devices that they already understand, they will be more efficient and productive.

Powerful Data Capture


Android devices can support a wide range of data capture applications. Conker’s Android devices are built with unique tools to provide solutions to a multitude of industries. Some of the industries include construction, healthcare, logistics, and education. Furthermore, unique features such as 2D barcode scanner, fingerprint reading, and wireless charging are all helpful in reducing inaccurate data and boosting efficiency.

Advanced Functionality

In terms of management capabilities, businesses using Android devices see better standards. According to the same white paper report by Panasonic, more than 50% of businesses require a customisable operating system – an Android delivers just that. One of the most powerful features of an Android device is that it can support complete customisation. From simple steps like replacing the wallpaper to have the same branding to adding a standard set of company-approved applications and removing unwanted ones.



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Furthermore, employees can also have the option to change the way they access data and work information. For example, some workers may appreciate a simple home screen experience and others may want to have an at-a-glance experience when accessing information. Either way, customisation is the best way to empower your workers and encourage them to become more productive. Other important standard functionalities that can be expected of an Android device are:

  • Enhanced security
  • Additional third party security solutions
  • Free apps that help in managing work and improving productivity
  • Customisable applications
  • Developer packages for business app development

Wide Range of Charging Options and Battery Life

Android devices provide a superior charging solution using standard and inexpensive USB cables. Businesses who need to continuously need to use their device all day or on several shifts will truly appreciate this feature. Companies who are unable to find faster-charging solutions but require nonstop access to data needs a better power management capability. Conker’s Android devices are equipped with the highest possible mAH (milliamp per hour) to support longer battery use. It also enjoys longer battery life and minimum changing of old batteries. As a result, downtime is minimized and productivity is ensured.

Quality Connectivity

To access data quickly, connectivity to the Internet is a crucial feature that your computing tool must-have. Employees who need to access back-end information and job-related data greatly rely on a robust connectivity system. Android devices are built with an excellent WLAN or WWAN so that seamless connection is available. Connections like WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, and 4G are all integrated into most Android devices.

Security Management

According to a report published by Forbes, “Cybersecurity spending is expected to reach up to USD 1 trillion by 2021.” This means that businesses understand the value of securing their data at all times. A potential security breach can cause numerous business losses and with mobility deployment it’s reality is always a worry for many companies. Android features one of the best security systems using manufacturing updates, third party security applications, and user-based security solutions. This ensures that data leak is managed at all times.

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Unique Industrial Features

Businesses who require data anytime and anywhere will benefit greatly using Conker’s rugged Android devices. It offers powerful mobility features that can support industrial requirements. Conker’s devices have risen over the standard Android tablet or phone by creating rugged devices. Rugged devices are your typical Android but with added hardware features so that it can last even when exposed to extreme temperatures, water, dust, dirt, and fall.

Support and Repair

Cost-effective support is a crucial part of any business that relies on mobile devices. Conker’s unique and powerful support has always been the foundation of its business. A dedicated support team helps businesses ensure uninterrupted delivery of products and services. This means you can expect a fast turnaround of repairs, solutions for pre-existing settings and software issues and more.

Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Thanks to its robust built and easy-to-use operating system, Conker’s Android devices reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). When a mobile device plays a crucial role within your business structure, cost-efficiency is also a crucial factor to consider. Conker’s added hardware protection coupled with a reliable Android operating system reduces the total cost of ownership significantly. It reduces the complexity of getting repairs and updates regularly and still provides the best connectivity and data access.