Android Tablets st60-hand-246x246
Conker ST60 – 6″ Rugged Android Handheld
Android Tablets SX80-246x246
Conker SX80 – 8″ Rugged Android Tablet
Android Tablets SX50-246x246
Conker SX50 – Rugged Android PDA

What are the benefits of Conker Rugged Tablets?

  • Free up your budget and manage your finances effectively with Conker’s subsidised subscription plans for rugged tablets and other devices.
  • Accidents happen. That’s why all our devices are available with our Accidental Damage Warranty. We call it “Relax”.
  • Tablet repairs are handled by our UK based service centre and are turned around, on average, in just 2 days.
  • We offer an Enterprise Device Management software option to Lock Down and protect your assets.
  • We take Corporate Social Responsibility seriously, re-purposing end-of-life devices for early years nurseries.
  • Conker devices have accredited data-cleaning to ensure GDPR compliance and security.

We provide a consultative approach to find you the best suited devices for your business

From Engineering to Education and Hospitality to Healthcare, Conker helps thousands find the right match when it comes to rugged android tablets. We know that whether your mobile team relies on android tablets or handhelds for completing rounds, data capture, asset management, project management or risk assessment, you need to provide them with a solution that can endure the tough working environments that they do.


Conker understands that once a mobile device fails, subsequently, it is productivity that suffers. This affects efficiency, accuracy, morale and repair and replacement costs. Which is why our industrial android tablets are IP Rated, waterproof and dust proof. Plus, they can take a drop but continue to work hard along with your team. We’re proud of our consultative approach that helps produce heavy-duty mobile devices that are not only fit-for-purpose, but have all the features your team requires to get the job done.

Join more than 1000 customers who rely on Conker rugged tablets