Conker are on a mission to save businesses from bad tech.

Partnering our customers and innovating solutions for them, is part of how they became industry-leaders. Care to join us?
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James Summers

I was fed up with seeing businesses let down by bad technology. Two years before Apple came out with the iPad, we came out with our first tablet – hard-wearing, high-performing, built for business. Now Deloitte have named us as one of the fastest growing businesses in Europe, as have the Financial Times and we have industry leading support and service for over 1000 business customers. Technology that works as hard as our customers, wherever they are – that’s what good technology means. It’s what we do.
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Conal McGuirk

Sales Manager
We know our customers don’t want to be sold to. They want to be allowed to buy. That subtle but fundamental difference in approach is how I lead our team of Customer Consultants. We listen, we learn and we craft a solution that solves their problems. Whether it’s geophysicists in the Arctic Circle or Zookeepers at Chester Zoo, our solution-led approach to our customers saves them from an ‘off the shelf’ product pitch. Their testimonials is how we know we’ve kept them happy.
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Jason Abrahamse

Technical Operations Manager
Our customers are a discerning group. They know that a good product with poor support and worthless warranties is a false economy. That’s why I lead our UK-based technical support team with industry-leading service and support. Whether it’s delivering on our comprehensive 3-year warranties or turning around 90% of our repairs in under 3 days (often just one day), we know that our customers choose Conker, because the service and support is as good as our devices.
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Chloe White

Head of Marketing
It is important to me that we at Conker are able to match our customers with the best technology solutions possible, suited to them in the most conscientious way.

I believe that transparency, genuine hard work and the ability to provide a great quality product and service makes for a successful business that customers can trust.

Conker manages the above whilst maintaining it’s authenticity. It’s something that makes me proud to work at a company with such spirit.

The Whole Team

Whether in production, design, finance, or any of our business areas, we only have one mission. Save our customers from bad tech.
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