Conker are on a mission to save businesses from bad tech

Conker’s History dates back to 2008 when it was founded with a focus to save companies from Bad Tech. Having witnessed it all too often, Conker was on a mission to prevent companies from being matched with the wrong tech for the job at hand. Since then, Conker has thrived with its consultative approach to producing fit-for-purpose, reliable and lasting solutions for our customers.

Conal McGuirk

Conal McGuirk

Chief Operating Officer

Conker is a Customer-Centric business, we believe in building relationships with a focus on long term solutions for our customers.

We go out of our way to find the right solution. We believe in getting it right.

Simply put, our staff cares about conker customers all unique requirements. This allows Conker to find the right tech to meet your challenges and make processes easier in the workplace.

James Summers | About Conker CEO | Conker's History

James Summers


Two years before Apple brought us the iPad we started selling tablets, hard-wearing and supported in the UK with a fast turnaround, a business solution.

The industry assumption was and still is that downtime is solely an effect of hardware failure, when in fact the biggest drag is service delay. We have industry-leading support and service for over 1000 business customers. That’s what good technology means. It’s what we do.

Kerry Calder

Kerry Calder

Customer Service Manager

Customer service is something that means a lot to me and which I pride myself on!

The thing I most enjoy is getting to know our customers well, I am always interested in discovering what their companies do, and what their interests are.

This has afforded me the opportunity to build trusting business relationships over the years. My customers know their enquiry will be dealt with in an honest and timely manner.