The introduction of wearable technology is changing how businesses work today. According to research by the Harvard Business Review, on average, the mobile worker will access their devices at least 150 times during the day. Depending on the industry where they belong, this number could easily increase. lets check the best 4 Ways Wearable Rugged Devices Improve Business Efficiencies from here. In addition, this act of constantly checking typically needs a sequence of actions such as typing in a password, choosing an app, entering important data, which will take about 20 seconds.

To keep up with the ever-demanding changes, using a wearable rugged device will ultimately help. 

There is a multitude of ways wearable tech would benefit businesses all over the world.

Best 4 Ways Wearable Rugged Devices Improve Business

Wearable Tech Streamlines Operations

The convenience of wearable technology ends up streamlining the operations of many industries. It provides a “hands-free” experience for your workers. Workers now have increased flexibility, and can work on multiple tasks better while still doing an amazing job. Of course, it improves your business’s overall productivity as well.

Here are a few more examples of how it can increase the productivity of your business:

  • Tasks are easier to keep track of and follow. Thus, managing workflow and time are easier to do with wearables.
  • Supervisors can keep track of all of the employees at all times. They can see and manage work easier and better.
  • Information becomes easier for staff to access. No need to go around to gain information, just reaching out with the device in their hands. 
  • Employees and workers alike don’t have to spend too much time lugging around devices. They can just work automatically with the device on their body.

Better Communication between Staff

Sometimes, it can be difficult to pick up calls and messages with a regular device. This can happen while employees are working on something. Such situations can lead to broken devices and miscommunication happening within the workplace. 

Avoid such situations by investing in rugged devices. We also recommend taking on rugged wearables for your staff. 

With better communication, comes better safety within the workplace as well.

Ensured Safety Within the Workplace

Wearable technology can provide extra assistance and comfort to employees. In a previous article, we explain that wearables increase awareness in employees. 

Wearable rugged devices can warn employees regarding potential hazards. These can be, but are not limited to; hot surfaces, slippery floors, toxic fumes, and so on. 

In the low chances of an accident occurring, there is no need to worry. Individuals can easily reach out for help when it comes to it. Furthermore, wearables can inform nearby staff regarding a situation happening within the workplace.

Better Customer Service, Increased Customer Satisfaction                  

The use of wearable devices can also increase customer satisfaction. Customer service is overall better for your business with the implementation of wearable devices. This happens because staff won’t have a hard time guiding consumers, answering their queries, and satisfying their requests. 

Moreover, appealing to customers and marketing items in your store is better. When acquiring information, customers don’t have to wait for too long. Staff can easily access important information regarding an item they want. Overall, customer service is improved- it’s quicker and more accommodating.

Since the pandemic, contactless payment has been the preferred method of transaction for many customers. This is a safer method for your staff as well. Rugged Wearables will allow your staff to perform contactless transactions even better.             


Conker Rugged Wearable


How Companies Improve Operation Efficiency with Rugged Wearable Devices


One of the biggest industries to rise during the pandemic was e-commerce. From 2019 to the present, there was an increase in demand for e-commerce services. Shipment leader DHL addressed this increasing demand by equipping their employees with wearable rugged technology

The change allowed users to have improved flexibility and efficiency. Workers are no longer tethered to their workstations and can move around where they have better access to various parcels. 

Bosch Thermotechnlogy

To help improve efficiency for their packaging department, Bosch Thermotechnology searched for a way to allow hands-free operations. With the help of rugged wearable devices with barcode scanners, workers are able to:

  • Preserve high-speed turn-out which is around 45-120 seconds
  • Maintain as many as 12,000 barcodes scan each shift 
  • Allow handling of as many as 50 variations per assembly line and per shift

Geis Group

One of the leading warehouse operations, Geis Group required a solution to help workers manage more than 350,000 automotive parts. Some of the major issues are sorting, issuing, and clearing their processes. With more than 100,000 barcode scans daily, using a wearable rugged device allowed Geis to become more efficient. It required their workers to reduce their walking distance and remove the traditional bulky barcode scanner. 

Wearable rugged devices have been proven to help improve efficiencies in numerous industries. Find out how your team will benefit from this solution. Contact us now.